Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy" (cjl101) wrote,
Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy"

The new "day laborers"?

 So, this morning I got into work early to try and get caught up on all the tasks I set aside so that I could work on a presentation for my VP. As I am driving up to my building I notice a bunch of what look like day laborers standing around in the Fry's parking lot across the street.  Usually you see them over at the Home Depot or the Lowes down the street so it was kind of strange to see then standing out in front of an electronics store. 

It occurred to me that, if they are hanging out there for work they weren’t Gardeners or Painters, they must be SysAdmins, WebDevs, Desk Top Support, Electrical Engineers and the like trying to find pick up jobs. 
Wow, the recession really has hit the Silicon Valley
Either that or Fry's is giving away free Mountain Dew again.  
Hmmm, free soda...I'll have to check and see if that is the case.

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