Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy" (cjl101) wrote,
Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy"

Oh crap! Zombies!!!!

 Oh Crap!

So I went over to Fry's to check out the free soda I mentioned earlier.  No free soda, no free anything except ZOMBIES!

I walked in the door and some dude I did not know tried to 'hug me'.  I thought he was a drunk so I ducked and he went over.  He is thrashing around on the floor and I look around for some assistance with the guy when I notice that all of the staff in the imedeate area are walking towards me.  Now that really clued me that something was going on since Fry's employees seem to pride themselves on their inability to be helpful.  

Then I noticed one was missing an arm.....No, it wasn't like "hmmm, an amputee?  I wonder if he is a vet?"  No it was more like "ewww, he is covered in BBQ sauce.  Wait, that is blood!"

Then the EMT side of my brain started to take over  with thoughts of  "well, I had better stauch that bleeding and get someone to get EMS rolling"  

About 2 seconds into that thought they all screamed and started running at me.
Now, when I say screamed, I mean they all made verbal sounds that that could only come from a human BUT SHOULD NOT!

At this point I ran.  I made it back accross the street to my building only to notice a few more like them roaming the halls.  I grabbed a couple of items off my desk and ducked into a service coridoor to stay out of sight.  

I tried calling and texting Poe but she has not picked up.  I tried calling Snoopy and Stride but no luck there either.  I still have WiFi so Poe, if you get this CALL ME and let me know you are OK!  I am going to try to get to the car and get on the road.  
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