Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy" (cjl101) wrote,
Mista J, Killian, Toph or just "That Tall Guy"

 Ow.  I really hurt right now.  I snuck back over to the parking garage but there was a empty car blocking the exit.  No keys in it so I had to break the window out , put it in neutral and roll it to the side.  I guess to did not sweep the area well enough 'cause while I was pushing the car one of them ran up on me.  She wasn't that big but when she came at me it was like wrestling with an oversized housecat...a realy MEAN and soaking wet housecat.  I don't want to think about what kind of drool, blood and puss was comming off of her.  In the process of getting away from her I jumped off the 2nd level of the parking garage and she jumped after me!  
Luckily, zombies don't know how to land!  
I left her there with two broken legs and made my way up the back stairs to my car.  As soon as I get on the road I will be out of range of the Wi Fi.

Poe, when you read this, know that I love you and I am headed home to try and find you..
Tags: bliteow
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